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Burda 7045 in Italian Shirting

Way back in December 2014, I made this shirt for Courteney's boyfriend for Christmas.  The fabric and trim both came from The Remnant Warehouse in Sydney.  When I bought the fabric online, I had envisioned another shirt the same for her brother, but apparently it didn't fit with his style.  All was not lost however as my husband quickly claimed the fabric as his own.  Every time I looked like making something since then, and I say every time, my husband asked about his shirt.  You wouldn't  believe how much that would annoy me after over two years!   I thought he may at some point give up and stop asking but no, so before Christmas last year, I finally did something about it.  It isn't that I didn't want to make the shirt, there just always seemed to be a more interesting project that jumped the queue.

I waited until he went away for work one week and set to work.  It wasn't a difficult task, given I have made him a shirt before.  I used Burda 7045, like I had d…

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