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Revisiting Jalie 3247

Before Christmas Courteney requested a new bikini.  I didn't think too much of it until a week before Christmas when I was struggling to find a something to top up her gift.  Surprisingly I did have a bit of time left to make said bikini and also even everything I needed in my stash.  She particularly liked the last bikini I made using Jalie 3247 which strictly speaking is not a swimwear pattern but easy enough to adapt.

I started with a remnant of fabric left over from a pair of jammers of Joel's from his squad days.  There was just enough fabric to make a top.  I actually ran my fabric choice past her brothers at the time and they quickly vetoed my choice, reasoning that it was quite juvenile.  Hmmm, not to be deterred, I decided to run the fabric past the recipient herself, who actually saw the fun side of the fabric and agreed I had made the right choice.  So much for this being a surprise!

I had recently picked up a piece of royal blue nylon lycra on the sale table at Fabri…

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