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Closet Case Files Sasha Pants

I wrote quite a bit last year of my quest for the perfect pants.  Does such a thing even exist?  During my quest I did make some good pants but certainly not a pair I would consider even close to perfect.

When Closet Case Files released the Sasha Pants my eyes lit up.  I really love my Ginger Jeans even though I have made quite a few alterations to the pattern to get them just how I like them.  What I like about Heather Lou's patterns is given she has curves herself, I assume she designs her patterns with the curvy woman in mind.  At 160cm tall I am about 5cm below average and fall into the recommended weight for height category, so not overly curvaceous but I dislike pants without enough rise at the rear and this tends to be the case with rtw pants particularly.  Now, while I can alter that with any pattern I sew, I am basically just lazy sometimes and really just want to sew something up out of the packet as much as possible.  You could say I am fabric rich but time poor!  I was …

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